Vision of Agro Protech 2018

Themed on – “Tech-novation, Value Addition and Marketing towards Strengthening Global Food Economy” the Indian agriculture sector is now moving towards the 2nd Green Revolution alongwith the Yellow, White and Blue Revolution.

Agriculture and Allied sectors that are being induced by factors like:

  • Newfound interest of the organised sector
  • Implementation of new improved and cost effective technologies suited for specific location
  • Mechanized farming, ensuring availability of the quality seeds and other essential inputs
  • Value addition, high quality processing and packaging technologies
  • Easy credit facilities, training and capacity building for skilled farming
  • Creating irrigation infrastructure, improving soil health through distribution of soil health cards
  • Creating market network and ensuring remunerative price for the farmer’s produce
  • Encouraging FDI in the Agriculture, Agro-Food Processing, Food Retail and allied sectors